General Data Collection

The priority of the website is to ensure the privacy and security of all users information transferred by browsing the website, regardless of the user’s prior registration ("User"). In this sense, the website will use of its best efforts to ensure the protection of its users’ privacy and acts against any unlawful practices that sell or trade personal data to third parties for promotional purposes.

However, the website specifically collects, uses and discloses some personally identifiable information necessary to achieve the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. By using, the User acknowledges and accepts this disclosure according to the guidelines described in this policy.

The reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. All changes will be advised through our official vehicles of communication and if the User continues to use the system afterwards, this behavior will be understood as consent and knowledge of the changes made.

1 - Signing Up

The goal of to allow the User to voluntarily place its personal information in is to facilitate the navigation and usage of our tools. The User's proactivity in giving its personal data is understood as his intention to be benefited with the tools presented by and his agreement to the terms of privacy.

To become a User, the first step is to register your personal data, where name, login, email and password are required data. Nonetheless, the access with login and password can also be done automatically by its Facebook account. To complete the registration, the User can register and integrate its social networks (Twitter and Facebook), as well as a personal photo to the profile. The registered User has also the option to make purchases on the website and receive informative newsletters from

Additional information may be updated during registration or at a later stage, at the User's preference. Among the possibilities for additional information, it is worth reinforcing that the User's email is used solely in order for to be able to contact the User and validate the registered account, and will never be displayed to other users.

The User is entitled to access, modify, correct and delete any personal data. If User updates any information, will keep a copy of the earlier information provided by the User in our files, for any system usage.

For important changes in the personal data, makes usage of password encryption protocols and confirmation via email.

2 - Personal data collected by

The website uses "cookies" (technology that uses a folder with information about a User, recorded by a server every time it is performed a search on the internet) to enable the correct identification of the User, as well as to improve the quality of the information provided on its website to Users. The regular use of cookies is an acceptable practice in the industry because it allows the storage of important information, such as, different accesses of the User in, in order not to submit repeated or exceeded content to the same User. If the Use is not comfortable in receiving cookies, or wants to have a prior notification before the usage of cookies, the User must change its preferences in its Web browser with these options, if the browser permits such changes.

Besides the personal information, the website has the technology to automatically collect and store other technical information, such as the Internet protocol address of the User, the computer's operating system, browser type and the address of reference websites. Also in this sense, if the User chooses to link its Facebook account to, the User will agree with the disclosure of its profile picture and other information provided in the profile.

As we have previously stated, the website will not provide personal information to third parties without the User's prior approval thereof, except in cases where they are needed to respond to questions or requests from government entities, or in cases where, in good faith, the website understands that the disclosure is necessary to respond to complaints that the content submitted to the website infringes third parties’ rights, or necessary to protect the rights, property and/or safety of the Users and the general public.

The website may, at its sole discretion, make use of the information stored in their databases, as described above, for a reasonable period, not exceeding the legal requirements or limitations, to resolve any disputes, troubleshoot or to ensure the rights of, as well as the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

The website can also, at its sole discretion, examine the information stored in their databases in order to identify Users with multiple identities or aliases for legal and/or security purposes. In another case, if the website is required by law, court order or other legal process to disclose any personal information of the User, it will not hesitate in cooperating with these agents. So, by the virtual acceptance of this Privacy Policy, the User hereby authorizes the website to disclose such personal information to meet the purposes described above.

3 - Permission to to process User’s personal information

The information provided by the User and recorded due to the usage of the system (except the content of personal messages) will serve as inputs to map market information and form statistics of the usage of the website By registering using and providing information to, the User deliberately accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

The information provided by the User that makes him personally identifiable aims to make the Users of relate better with each other. Additional information collected by when analyzing the navigation of each User that does not make him personally identifiable (such as identifying the default navigation, for example) are exclusive property of, which can use this information in the way that it deems more appropriate.

Furthermore, the information provided by Users is used to: (i) manage Users’ accounts to customize more and more the services provided by, and (ii) communicate news and updates.

Nonetheless, can retransmit messages from its partners and authorized third parties for promotion and marketing purposes, through opt-in technology. However, the website is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of the other sites that are linked to those offers.

The User has the right not to accept these terms and proceed with the removal of his data, but the removal of the data will not work retroactively, which means that the action taken prior to this decision of removal will remain stored and used in accordance with the interests of the website

In this sense, to close the account at, the User must go through the settings panel "My Account" or request it to the website’s administrators though the e-mail [email protected]

The website also informs that, in its development and the provision of their services, can use services of third party companies to collect, use, analyze, and process information. These companies, however, will act in strict accordance with the policies and guidelines described herein.

4 – User’s Financial Information

The website does not store the credit card number or any other information used by the User to make payments in its plataform.

All payment procedures are performed through PayPal or another payment plataform, for which the User is automatically redirected after clicking on the link, the same as other websites that sell tickets, such as and Any procedures performed in these websites are in accordance with their own terms and conditions and privacy policies, and the entire payment information flow is encrypted for full security of the Users. For any doubt, the website recommends checking the links available on these websites.

5 - Obligations of the User

It is the User's obligation to obey the current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of, which includes respecting third parties’ intellectual property.

The User must not perform any downloads, uploads or any form of dissemination of any material or information of violent, offensive, racist or xenophobic nature or information of anyone who violates the spirit and purrposes of and its community.

The User must not provide and/or to any other User information that he believes are harmful to himself, professionally or socially.

The User is aware that the trademark, business name and logo of WeDemand, in its various versions, available on or any other media, are the exclusive property of WeDemand and may not be used under any circumstances and for any purpose without the prior written permission of WeDemand.

Except for any public domain contents, all images, texts, software, documents, databases, audio and video files, as well as any other materials published or otherwise disseminated in the website are protected by Copyright Act, and its usage is linked to a prior written consent from its owners.

6 – Under aged Users in

Personal information from people under 18 years can not be uploaded into the website, without the prior consent of their parents or guardians. It is strictly prohibited to people under 18 years browse and use the various tools of the website, without such consent. With the acceptance of these terms, will understand that this consent has been given by the parents or guardians, that they will remain solely responsible for the content accessed by these under aged Users.

7 - Communication Channel with User

If the User has any questions or suggestions about, he can forward an email to [email protected]

In case you are demanding any artists from Atlantic Records your are also in agreement with their Privacy Policy from the link below: