Terms & Conditions

These Terms of Use and General Conditions ("Terms of Use") apply to the usage of the services offered by QUEREMOS, LLC, a company duly registered under the laws of Delaware,  manager of the website www.wedemand.com and of the services rendered under this Agreement, herein simply entitled as QUEREMOS, to any INDIVIDUAL or LEGAL ENTITY, that has full legal capacity to navigate through www.wedemand.com and that has registered in the website, whose personal data becomes an inseparable part of these Terms of Use, and that has electronically "accepted" all the terms therein and all other policies available on the website, herein after just denominated simply as USER.

The services available by QUEREMOS on the website www.wedemand.com shall be governed by the terms and conditions below.

By electronically accepting these Terms of Use, by clicking the "I accept the Terms of Use" button in the registration page, the USER will automatically agree and adhere to submit fully to these terms and conditions and any futures changes, as well as accept the provisions of the other policies of the website www.wedemand.com.


1.1 For the accurate understanding and interpretation of the rights and obligations under these Terms of Use, the following definitions are assumed:

1. REGISTRATION: is defined as the registration form with the USER’s personal data, duly completed by the USER with a Login and Password in order to use the platform and services provided by QUEREMOS, including the service to receive any informative newsletters from QUEREMOS. The USER’s personal data acquired from the QUEREMOS platform will be the same as set forth in his personal page on the social network of his choice, as well as its privacy settings, if the USER uses this form of registration in the QUEREMOS platform. Nonetheless, the USER has the option to fill a registration form in the QUEREMOS's platform, without the usage of any personal data from its personal page on any social network. QUEREMOS will still require that the USER registers himself on QUEREMOS’ online payment partner ("Third Party"), which will be used to make payments for tickets purchased through QUEREMOS’ platform, and/or receive any amounts, in case of REFUNDABLE TICKETS.

2. REFUNDABLE TICKETS: The REFUNDABLE TICKET has a fixed value, determined at the time of purchase, which will function as a quota required to enable each concert through the QUEREMOS’ platform. The USER’s refund is conditioned to the number of REFUNDABLE TICKETS sold, thus the USER may or may not be reimbursed, given that the USER shall pay the full value without any reimbursement in cases where the minimum quota is not reached.

3. REGULAR ADMISSION: These are the non-refundable tickets, which entitle the USER to an entry in the event/concert organized by QUEREMOS.

4. LOGIN: as the website www.queremos.com’s platform is fully integrated with the social networks, the Login that the USER will use to access the Services and its registration’s information can be the same as the one used to access his personal page on the social network of his choice. If the USER does not opt for this form of access, the USER will have to enter the Login and Password that he has registered on the website www.wedemand.com;

5. PASSWORD: as the website www.queremos.com’s platform is fully integrated with the social networks, the password that the USER will use to access the Services and its REGISTRATION’S information can be the same used to access his personal page on the social network of his choice. If the USER does not opt for this form of access, the USER will have to enter the Login and Password that he has registered on the website www.wedemand.com. QUEREMOS highlights that it will not have access to this PASSWORD, so if the USER wants to regain his access, or wants to make any other changes in his REGISTRATION information, he should follow the procedures in the social network he chose to access QUEREMOS’ platform, or send a request for PASSWORD recovery to the website’s administrators through the e-mail info@wedemand.com, that will send the steps to be taken for recovery to the account’s registered email.

6. QUEREMOS’ Services: integration and digital mobilization services of USERS interested in bringing various events/concerts to the next near venue, and offers tools for financing these desires, as well as publicity;

7. Website: QUEREMOS’ electronic portal from which the USER will access to a platform that lists all the concerts and events that USERS of the QUEREMOS’s platform have interest in, as well as giving the USER the option to submit to the QUEREMOS’s community a new option of concert/event, by filling the REGISTRATION, with LOGIN and PASSWORD information


2.1. QUEREMOS is a platform that integrates and digitally mobilizes USERS interested in bringing various concerts/events to the next near venue, as well as locating a near venue for the sale of tickets to the other various concerts/events that other USERS have suggested and that have reached the minimum limit for completion and production. QUEREMOS therefore enables the exchange of information and communication among the various USERS of the website www.queremos.com, as well as serving as a tool to minimize fraud and bad faith of third parties, when it mediates the ticket sale for its USERS.

2.2. Despite being open to use from anywhere in the world, the USER is aware and agrees that, regardless of where the services are being accessed, the relationship between the USER and QUEREMOS will always be, in any event, subject to the laws of Delaware.

2.3. After choosing the concert/event that USER wants to attend, QUEREMOS will redirect the USER to the website of a Third Party, Partner of QUEREMOS, so that the USER can register, if he still doesn’t have a registration in this website, and make the payments needed, via credit card, to buy a REFUNDABLE TICKET or a REGULAR ADMISSION. With the payment’s confirmation, the USER must await the confirmation of the concert/event, in case of a REFUNDABLE TICKETS, or submit delivery information and contact information, in case of a REGULAR ADMISSION, in which case if the delivery is made through postal services, the postal fees are the USER’s sole responsibility. In case that the removal of the acquired TICKET is made by someone other than the buyer, it is necessary that the holder of the credit card used to purchase the TICKETS send an email to info@wedemand.com, informing the ID number and the full name of person who will retrieve the TICKET at the box office, until 24 hours before the concert/event.

2.3.1. No additional fees will be charged by purchasing TICKETS through the Third Party’s website. However, QUEREMOS is not responsible for any changes in payment procedures adopted by the Third Party, due to the fact that this is an operating company that operates independently from QUEREMOS.

2.4. If the minimum quota for conducting a concert/event is not reached, the USERS who bought REFUNDABLE TICKETS will be refunded within 30 (thirty) working days from the date of confirmation of the non-event.

2.4.1. The reimbursement of the amounts paid for a REFUNDABLE TICKET, either the full amount or a portion, as previously informed, will be done through a purchase cancellation, requested by QUEREMOS in the USER’s credit card operator. In this sense, the USER solely agrees that the procedures described in this disclaimer will be the unique and exclusive remedies to be reimbursed for the amounts paid for a REFUNDABLE TICKETS or any other damage the USER may have suffered due to the use of services provided by QUEREMOS. Therefore, after a period of 30 (thirty) working days from the date of confirmation of non-event, and after the refund to the USER of the amounts paid in advance, QUEREMOS will presume that the USER is satisfied, waiving his rights from claiming any lawsuits regarding the services rendered, as well as any liabilities for facts and obligations, past, present and future, that directly or indirectly relate to any REFUNDABLE TICKET, at any time.

2.5. QUEREMOS reserves the right to prohibit any future purchases from USERS who purchased REFUNDABLE TICKETS or REGULAR ADMISSIONS for the sole purpose of making a profit for themselves or for others, as well of having the possibility to cancel any USER’s REGISTRATION, regardless of any compensation or any civil and criminal lawsuit that QUEREMOS might act on due to losses or damages to QUEREMOS and/or other USERS.

2.6. QUEREMOS will mediate the exchange of information between the USERS in QUEREMOS’ platform when providing the services of digital mobilization, with the goal of bringing various concerts/events to the next near venue, provided that the consent of the USER is given upon acceptance of this disclaimer. Such information may refer to those made available in the USER’s REGISTRATION, such as the USER’s email or any other information that is made available by the USER to QUEREMOS’ website. Therefore, upon acceptance of this Agreement, the USER accepts the deliberate use of his information by QUEREMOS to Third Parties and/or other USERS for the correct performance of the QUEREMOS’ services rendered herein.

2.7. Regarding the purchase of TICKETS by the USER, QUEREMOS is only an intermediary between the USER and the Third Party, a payment service provider, responsible to complete the transaction. In this case, QUEREMOS will share some information with the Third Party in order to allow the USERS, within an environment managed by QUEREMOS, to authorize the Third Party to perform debits and funds transfers.

2.8. The USERS’ communications and business transactions will be accompanied or mediated by QUEREMOS, with the sole purpose of ensuring the proper care, the prevalence of the good faith and constitutional principles of loyalty and secure communications among the USERS.


3.1. To use the services offered by QUEREMOS in the website www.wedemand.com, the USER must access the website through his profile on the social network of his choice, or directly on the website, and fill out the REGISTRATION form available to enable the services of QUEREMOS, informing all required data, where the USER is liable, civilly and criminally, for the veracity and further update of their personal information, not only to QUEREMOS but to Third Parties as well. The REGISTRATION on www.wedemand.com is free and does not constitute an employment bond, or corporate relationship between QUEREMOS and the USER. The USER shall also necessarily inform an e-mail of his sole and exclusive use. In this sense, QUEREMOS does not make any previous profile check of any USER who wishes to use the services available on the website at the time of REGISTRATION or conducts a thorough investigation into the veracity of the information registered, except as provided in Sections 3.2, 3.3 and 3.3.1. Thus, QUEREMOS is not responsible in any way and under any circumstances for the misuse of services.

3.1.1. The LOGIN and PASSWORD that gives access to the USER’s REGISTRATION are of personal usage and cannot be transferred to anyone, in which case QUEREMOS will not be liable for any unauthorized manipulation of such information by third parties, and therefore the USER must take all the necessary measures to maintain such information confidential.

3.1.2. The USER agrees to immediately notify QUEREMOS, by submitting a complaint against the social network with which the USER logs on to QUEREMOS’ website or by a direct contact with QUEREMOS through the email info@queremos.com, regarding any unauthorized use of his account, as well as unauthorized access by any third parties. The USER will be solely responsible for the transactions made on his account, once the access is only possible by using the PASSWORD, whose knowledge is unique to the USER.

3.2. QUEREMOS reserves the right to use all means possible to validly identify its USERS, so QUEREMOS may, at any time, at its sole discretion, request copies of personal documents of the USER, to ensure the accuracy of the personal data inserted. In these cases, QUEREMOS may suspend the services rendered, including the payment of the amounts owed due to REFUNDABLE TICKETS, pending the receipt of the requested documents, and will not be responsible for any liability or compensation due to this preventive actions. If some personal data is verified by QUEREMOS as inconsistent with the documents submitted, the USER shall have a term of two (2) business days to make the necessary corrections, under penalty of having their access to the website blocked, until the regularization of the REGISTRATION, and may even cancel definitely the said REGISTRATION, if deemed necessary to protect the interests of its USERS, without the prejudice to any other measures deemed necessary and appropriate.

3.3. The information provided by the USER, with the exception of data that is visible to other USERS in the QUEREMOS’ website, will be confidential and used exclusively by QUEREMOS and its partners, and will be provided only in cases that has been notified by a court of law or when QUEREMOS has identified a fraud(s), such as misrepresentation (using false names and documents), or the incorrect use of the services, in which case the fraudster information (name, address, IP, etc.) may be provided to the victims and the legal authorities.

3.3.1. Accordingly, and without prejudice to any other measures regarding civil and criminal liability for the consequences of their actions and/or omissions, QUEREMOS may warn, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or definitely, a USER’s REGISTRATION, at any time, and initiate reasonable legal action and/or suspend the provision of the services if: a) the USER fails to comply with any provision of this Agreement and other QUEREMOS’ policies; b) if the USER disobeys his duties provided herein; c) the USER engages in deceptive or fraudulent actions, such as fraudulent claim for reimbursement of an amount supposedly paid by a REFUNDABLE TICKET when the USER is owner of a ADMISSION TICKET, among others, d) if it cannot be verified the identity of the USER or any information provided is incorrect, and e) any attempt to violate the systems and/or database of QUEREMOS. Notwithstanding the above, if it is verified that the USER used QUEREMOS to commit fraud, the USER will undergo a criminal fine in the amount of US$ 5,000.00 (five thousand dollars), deducted directly from his credit card informed in the REGISTRATION, immediately or in several installments, if such credit card has no credit, until the full charge of the fine is complete, plus payment for any compensation that QUEREMOS is condemned as a result of the acts and/or omissions of this USER.

3.3.2. QUEREMOS is not liable for any inaccuracies in the information supplied by third parties and made available on the website with no link to QUEREMOS’ tools.

3.3.3. The USER that chooses to upload a photo in the mosaic located on the homepage of the website hereby authorizes the use of his image, exempting QUEREMOS from any demand accordingly. However, if so desired, the USER may at any time request the withdrawal of his image in the website, by filling a request through the email info@queremos.com.

3.3.4. The USER is aware that it is forbidden to add images and company logos or any type of protected content in the mosaic, exempting QUEREMOS from any responsibility for the content submitted by the USER.

3.4. The USER acknowledges that it may only have a single REGISTRATION under its ownership, therefore, it is not accepted by QUEREMOS, under any circumstances, the REGISTRATION of new logins from the same USER or the assignment/transfer of their account, apart from creating a new account on the social network of his choice, due to loss of password, as defined in Section 1.1, "e", nonetheless QUEREMOS will check, among other data, the name of the USER, his ID, and e-mail. If the USER relocates or needs to update any information in his REGISTRATION, he should simply update his REGISTRATION profile with the new data.

3.5. QUEREMOS’ Services are available only to people who have the legal capacity to use them, so people who are not capable, such as under aged persons, or persons who have been removed from the www.wedemand.com website, temporary or permanently, due to any breach of this Agreement, including by having multiple REGISTRATIONS, are hereby warned of legal sanctions that this unauthorized usage might create.

3.5.1. Personal information from people less than 18 years cannot be uploaded into the website www.wedemand.com, without the prior consent of their parents or guardians. It is strictly prohibited to people less than 18 years to browse and use the various tools of the website www.wedemand.com, without such consent. With the acceptance of these terms, www.wedemand.com will understand that this consent has been given by the parents or guardians, and they will remain solely responsible for the content accessed by these under aged Users.

3.6. The nickname that the USER uses in the website www.queremos.com cannot have any resemblance to the name QUEREMOS. Also, nicknames deemed offensive will be removed, as well as those containing personal data of the USER or any URL or email address. QUEREMOS reserves the right to refuse any request for REGISTRATION and even cancel REGISTRATION previously accepted, if it is understood that they disobey with the policies and regulations of these Terms of Use.

3.7. The non-usage of the USER’s account, defined as the absence of any access to it for a period of 03 (three) years, will entitle QUEREMOS to cancel such account, and QUEREMOS will be exempt from any liability or remedy due to this cancellation.

3.8. When a USER buys a TICKET, whether it is REFUNDABLE or not, through QUEREMOS’ platform, the USER expressly acknowledges and agrees with the values of the TICKETS ??shown in the QUEREMOS Platform.

3.9. The USER will be responsible for the use of the services provided in this Agreement, observing all laws, decrees and regulations, and applicable state and local provisions, the privacy and security standards and all other policies published by QUEREMOS and its partners.

3.10. QUEREMOS shall not be liable for any errors, interruptions, malfunctions, delays or other imperfections that may arise in the services, which are likely to occur when it comes to computers, not guaranteeing, in any way, the provision of service uninterrupted and/or error free.

3.11. The USER is fully responsible for making sure that the configuration of his computer is in full accordance with the minimum safety requirements, such as up to date antivirus, required for the usage of the services offered by QUEREMOS, the latter exempt from any responsibility resulting from non-compliance with this clause.


4.1. QUEREMOS may change at any time, the terms of this Agreement, with the sole purpose to improve the comprehension and services rendered. The new terms will be effective within ten (10) days after its publication in the website www.queremos.com. So if the USER does not agree with the modifications published, the USER shall immediately cease all use of the QUEREMOS’ Services and proceed with the cancellation of his REGISTRATION, according to the procedures described in this disclaimer, and shall be liable for any damages caused to third parties and QUEREMOS for the late withdrawal of the personal information and/or content. In this case, any link to QUEREMOS’ Services shall cease to exist. However, if there is no manifestation within the deadline stipulated above, QUEREMOS will understand that the USER has accepted the new conditions of these Terms of USE and it shall continue binding the parties.


5.1. The tools made available on the QUEREMOS’ website may be used for the digital mobilization of USERS interested in bringing various concerts/events to the next near venue  and to sell the TICKETS for the various concerts/events that USERS have requested and that the minimum limit for completion and production has been reached, as well as for the management of the USER’s profile in the QUEREMOS website. However, expressly prohibited are any publications and uploads on the website www.wedemand.com of any USER’s information, containing certain images and captions such as: (i) intimate human organs or limbs or animals; (ii) firearms, ammunition, cartridges, silencers and other accessories, as well as flamethrowers, poison gas, mustard gas, tear gas, products containing gunpowder and explosives in general, or any products that even harmless, can be confused with firearms; (iii) Narcotics (iv) drugs, substances and health or aesthetic products that require a prescription, (v) any product sale or advertising through USERS’ images or postings; (vi) stolen properties, or that have any criminal origin, such as smuggling, tampering or hacking; (vii) cigarette and tobacco products and/or that make an apology to smoking; (viii) violence to animals of any kind; (ix) fireworks, or any article that contain chemical elements and compounds capable of burning, or produce a visual effect used as entertainment; (x) content related to prostitution or similar or products that are pornographic, erotic, obscene, inappropriate for minors or contrary to morals and good customs; (xi) contents that promote violence and/or discrimination based on matters of race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or any other type, (xii) content that violates laws on intellectual property, such as unauthorized copyright, use of images or text without author’s permission; (xiii) content that evidence lotteries, raffles and gambling; (xiv) content related to insecticides, pesticides, rodenticides and other poisons, and (xvi) any other products prohibited by law.

5.1.1. In this sense, it is the USER’s sole responsibility to ensure the legality of his messages, images and information registered at QUEREMOS, and excepts QUEREMOS from any liability related to their posting on the website, as well as agrees that QUEREMOS may delete USERS who do not comply with the restrictions described in this disclaimer.

5.1.2. It is also prohibited to USERS to copy information, download, distribute, modify, reformat, reconfigure, extract, use in other computer programs or databases, spread over the Internet, or in any way use third party or QUEREMOS information provided in www.queremos.com, without QUEREMOS express written consent, as well as: (a) distribute copies of QUEREMOS’ website and all products contained therein, (b) use any excerpts, techniques of reverse engineering in the development or creation of programs in order to analyze its constitution; (c) disseminate content or files without authorization, and (d) unlawfully liberate the access of restricted content to third parties.

5.2. USERS also may not, among other actions under these Terms of Use: a) reverse engineer QUEREMOS’ platform or manipulate the system in any way, b) interfere with other USERS’ communications; c) disclose personal contacts by any means in any area of ??the website, in violation of the permitted activities in the website, d) advertise products prohibited by QUEREMOS or that are against the law or other QUEREMOS’ policies; and e) assault, slander, defame or insult other USERS through QUEREMOS’ platform. These types of behavior can be punished with suspension or cancellation of the USER’s REGISTRATION, without prejudice to any legal actions that may occur by these crimes or misdemeanors or any civil damage it might cause to other USERS.

5.3. If QUEREMOS verifies or suspects that a USER is violating a condition of this specific term or if it is considered an illicit activity, in addition to the protective measures already discriminated in these Terms of Use, as the cancellation of said REGISTRATION, the USER’s data shall be forwarded to the relevant authorities so that they can take appropriate legal measures.


6.1. The website www.wedemand.com uses "cookies" (technology that uses a folder with information about a USER, recorded by a server every time it is performed a search on the Internet) to enable the correct identification of the USER, as well as to improve the quality of the information provided on its website to USERS. The regular use of cookies is an acceptable practice in the industry because it allows the storage of important information, such as, different accesses of the USER in www.wedemand.com, in order not to submit repeated or exceeded content to the same USER. If the USER is not comfortable receiving cookies, or wants to have a prior notification before the usage of cookies, the USER must change its preferences in its Web browser with these options, if the browser permits such changes.

6.2. Besides the personal information, the website www.queremos.com has the technology to automatically collect and store other technical information, such as the Internet protocol address of the USER, the computer's operating system, browser type and the address of reference websites. Also in this sense, if the USER chooses to link its social network account to www.queremos.com, the USER will agree with the disclosure of its profile picture and other information provided in the profile.

6.3. As previously stated, the website www.wedemand.com will not provide personal information to third parties without the USER'S prior approval thereof, except in cases where they are needed to respond to questions or requests from government entities, or in cases where, in good faith, the website www.queremos.com understands that the disclosure is necessary to respond to complaints that the content submitted to the website infringes third parties’ rights, or necessary to protect the rights, property and/or safety of the USERS and the general public.

6.4. The website www.wedemand.com may, at its sole discretion, make use of the information stored in their databases, as described above, for a reasonable period, not exceeding the legal requirements or limitations, to resolve any disputes, troubleshoot or to ensure the rights of www.queremos.com, as well as the terms and conditions of QUEREMOS’ Privacy Policy.

6.5. The website www.wedemand.com.br can also, at its sole discretion, examine the information stored in their databases in order to identify USERS with multiple identities or aliases for legal and/or security purposes. In another case, if the website www.wedemand.com is required by law, court order or other legal process to disclose any personal information of the USER, it will not hesitate in cooperating with these agents. So, by the virtual acceptance of these Terms of Use, the USER hereby authorizes the website www.queremos.com to disclose such personal information to meet the purposes described above.

6.6. The information provided by the USER and recorded due to the usage of the system (except the content of personal messages) will serve as inputs to map market information and form statistics of the usage of the website www.wedemand.com. By registering using and providing information to www.wedemand.com, the USER deliberately accepts the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use and QUEREMOS’ Privacy Policy.

6.7. Additional information collected by www.queremos.com when analyzing the navigation of each USER that does not make him personally identifiable (such as identifying the default navigation, for example) are exclusive property of www.wedemand.com, which can use this information in the way that it deems more appropriate. Furthermore, the information provided by USERS is used to: (i) manage USERS’ accounts to customize more and more the services provided by www.queremos.com, and (ii) communicate news and updates.

6.8. The USER has the right not to accept these terms and proceed with the removal of his data, but the removal of the data will not work retroactively, which means that any action taken prior to this decision of removal will remain stored and used in accordance with the interests of QUEREMOS.

6.8.1. In this sense, to close an account at www.wedemand.com, the USER must go through the settings panel "My Account" of the social network used to access QUEREMOS’ platform or request it to the website’s administrators though the e-mail info@wedemand.com.

6.9. It is not allowed to use any device, software or other resource that interfere in the activities and operations of QUEREMOS’ platform and services, as well as the accounts or databases. For any intrusion, attempts, or activities that violate the laws of intellectual property rights and/or the prohibitions set forth in this Agreement, the person responsible shall be subject to legal actions and penalties set forth herein, as well as be liable for consequent damages.

6.10. For any questions about the protection of personal data, or for more information about personal data and in cases in which the confidentiality of the personal data may be broken, please refer to the Contact Us section of the QUEREMOS’ website.


7.1. The USER may browse the website www.wedemand.com at no charge or fee. QUEREMOS will provide a list of all concerts/events available on the website, which may be chosen by the USER, according to its personal interests.

7.2. If the USER chooses one or more concerts/events available or required by other USERS in the website and wants to purchase TICKETS, whether REFUNDABLE or not, QUEREMOS will redirect the USER to a Third Party in order to pay the amounts requested by the organizers of the concert/event for each selected TICKET, and the USER shall choose the payment method, and enter the data required for the delivery of the TICKETS, if such data is not yet available in his profile, thus giving rise to a commercial transaction between the USER and the Third Party in question. The USER agrees, after validation, to the exact payment terms indicated on the QUEREMOS’ website.

7.3. By initiating a business transaction at QUEREMOS’ platform, the USER declares that he is aware of the payment and retrieval conditions, usage of the TICKETS, expiry date, quantities, and their particular specifications, such as REGULAR ADMISSION or REFUNDABLE TICKET, or even if it has a specific category, such as student or senior citizen, which require specific identity for their use, not being QUEREMOS liable for the lack of diligence to verify the information provided for that specific TICKET, being the USER’s sole and exclusive responsibility to comply with those conditions. All relevant information will be specified by QUEREMOS and will be presented directly to the QUEREMOS’ interface, or indirectly through links to other websites.

7.4. Once completed, the acquisition of TICKETS through QUEREMOS’ website is irrevocable, except in exceptional circumstances. QUEREMOS shall not interfere in the event of revocation or cancellation of such concert/event by the organizer, except in the cases of REFUNDABLE TICKETS. By exceptional circumstances, QUEREMOS understands that the USER verified that the TICKETS acquired are fraudulent, or unusable due to damage to their physical integrity, and in both cases, the USER should report directly to the concert/event organizer and ask for a written record or a declaration of nullity of the TICKET or that the concert/event organizer stamps the TICKET as unusable. With this written confirmation that the TICKET could not be used for that specific concert/event, the USER must contact QUEREMOS within 72 (seventy-two) hours from the concert/event, and present such evidence, to enable the validity of the complaint, and QUEREMOS, at its sole discretion, could double check such facts with the concert/event organizer. If it is proved that the TICKET acquired and received by the USER is fraudulent and/or invalid for the concert/event, QUEREMOS will seek the proper compensation with the issuer of the TICKETS, to repay the amount paid by the USER.

7.5. QUEREMOS shall not be liable for any tax obligations that fall under the USERS 'activities, as well as the organizers of the concerts/events who’s TICKETS are available at QUEREMOS.


8.1. QUEREMOS is not the owner of the TICKETS offered in QUEREMOS’ platform and does not keep possession of them, serving only as an intermediary between USERS and the organizers of the concert/event, nor is involved in the delivery and/or use of TICKETS or in the organization of such concerts/events, whose TICKETS acquisition occurs through QUEREMOS platform. However, QUEREMOS keeps a strict control on the transactions done by its USERS with the concert/event organizers, periodically evaluating and removing from its database any USERS and/or organizers who do not meet QUEREMOS’ standards of ethics and good faith, whose main concern is to provide a free and safe environment for the exchange of information among its USERS and its full satisfaction in the QUEREMOS platform.

8.2. QUEREMOS is not responsible for the quality, condition, integrity or legitimacy of the TICKETS offered and purchased by USERS, as well as the legal capacity of its USERS or the accuracy of the personal data entered by them in their REGISTRATIONS.

8.3. QUEREMOS is not responsible for the effective fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the organizers of the concert/event with the USERS, despite trying to avoid any fraud or bad faith of Third Parties through its numerous anti—fraud policies and procedures. In this sense, the USER acknowledges and agrees that by purchasing TICKETS through QUEREMOS’ platform, it does so at his own risk, recognizing QUEREMOS as a mere provider of online tools for brokering and a virtual space for announcement of concerts/events, as well as the communication between its USERS. In any case, QUEREMOS shall be responsible for lost profits or any other damage and/or injury that the USER may suffer due to acquisitions made or not made ??through the system.

8.4. As QUEREMOS does not participate in the TICKETS acquisitions made ??by its USERS ??on Third Parties’ websites, serving only as a communication and inter-mediation tool for business transactions, the USER and the Third Party will be solely liable for all obligations arising therefrom regarding tax, labor or of any other nature,. In case of judicial lawsuit where QUEREMOS is a defendant, due to the USER’s actions, the USER shall be called to bear all the burdens resulting therefrom, as the true responsible for such actions.

8.5. QUEREMOS may terminate these Terms of Use and delete any USER of its database and platform at any time, regardless of any formal notice, judicial or extrajudicial, based on the following assumptions: (a) the breach of any of provisions of these Terms of Use, at the point that it prevents the continuance of QUEREMOS’ Services, (b) if the USER, in any way, compromise the public image of QUEREMOS and/or any company associated with QUEREMOS’ Services, and (c) if the USER uses practices that violate the law, public order, morals, good customs, or even the present Terms of Use and the privacy policy.


9.1. The acceptance of these Terms of Use does not generate any relation of ownership, franchise or employment between QUEREMOS and the USER, as well as between QUEREMOS and the concert/event organizers.

9.2. QUEREMOS is not liable for any damage, injury or loss to the USER’s equipment caused by the system, server or Internet failures arising from conduct of others, act of God or force majeure. QUEREMOS is also not be liable for any viruses that may attack the USER’s equipment as a result of accessing, using or browsing the QUEREMOS website, or as a consequence of the transfer of data, files, images, text or audio. The USERS may not assign any responsibility to QUEREMOS or demand payment for loss of profit due to losses resulting from technical difficulties or system failures or the Internet. Eventually, the system may not be available for technical failures or the Internet, or any other fortuitous event or force majeure oblivious to QUEREMOS’ control.


10.1. The commercial use of the expression "QUEREMOS" as a trademark, “doing business as”, company name or domain name, as well as the screen contents of QUEREMOS services available on QUEREMOS website and programs, databases, networks and files, which allow the USER to access and use its account, are the sole and exclusive property of QUEREMOS and are protected by international laws and treaties of copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial designs. The misuse and total or partial reproduction of these contents are prohibited, unless expressly authorized by QUEREMOS.

10.2. QUEREMOS can provide in its’ platform links to other websites not owned or operated by QUEREMOS. In these cases, QUEREMOS is not responsible for the content, practices and services offered therein. The presence of links to other websites does not imply endorsement of company, supervising, complicity or sympathy of QUEREMOS with these websites and their contents.


11.1. The USER shall indemnify QUEREMOS, its affiliates, subsidiaries or parent companies, officers, directors, employees, representatives, and suppliers for any claim promoted by other USERS or Third Parties arising from the USER’s activities on the website or from the breach of these Terms of Use or violation of any law or the third parties’ rights, including attorneys' fees.


12.1. The USER, as a subscriber, expressly agrees to receive from QUEREMOS and/or any of its partners informative messages or newsletters, related to specific communications regarding QUEREMOS’ Services provided under this Agreement, as well as commercial messages, including, among others, the offers from QUEREMOS’ partners, innovations  on QUEREMOS’ website, among other information. If the USER does not want to receive such messages, he can request the cancellation through the website or through the link of the received email.

12.2. In order to maintain and meet the latest market requirements and technological developments, QUEREMOS may change, both in form and in content, suspend or cancel, at its sole discretion, at any time, any services, products, tools or applications, provided to the USERS or to Third Parties, by just giving a previous notice to the USER, including items related to the services available on QUEREMOS’ website, provided under these Term of Use.

12.3. The tolerance of QUEREMOS, regarding the breach of any of the obligations hereunder shall not be deemed as a novation or waiver of any right and shall be understood as mere liberality, and it will not prevent QUEREOS from later requiring the strict compliance with the conditions of this Agreement, at any time.

12.4. The USER may not assign his REGISTRATION to any third party or to other USERS. Nonetheless, QUEREMOS, regardless of any notice, shall assign the services of QUEREMOS website, in whole or in part, to partner companies or to any other company participant of the economic group, at any time.

12.5. The USER hereby expressly agrees that: a) is over 18 years and has legal capacity to register and use QUEREMOS Services, b) has installed and maintains up to date Anti Spyware, Anti-virus and others programs that prevent the violation of the system that is used to access the services available at QUEREMOS website; c) does not to use the services for any illegal transactions; d) maintains the confidentiality of his account registered with a PASSWORD, not providing such information to third parties; e) will immediately notify QUEREMOS in case the USER becomes aware of any security violation related the services available on QUEREMOS website or any unauthorized use of its USER name and PASSWORD; f) has the financial means to afford the payments, costs and expenses arising from transactions with the intermediation of QUEREMOS; g) recognize that this disclaimer is formalized, binding the parties, with the electronic acceptance by the USER, which is done by clicking the "I Accept the Terms of Use"; and h) that has read and is aware and in full accordance with all terms and conditions of this Agreement, and accepts it willingly.

12.6. Thus, in view of the provisions of this Agreement, the USER agrees fully with these provisions, pledging to abide by the conditions set forth herein irrevocably and irrevocable, and to use them so in a beneficial and legal way the services offered to him.

12.7. All items in this Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the State of Delaware. For all matters relating to its interpretation and enforcement, the parties will submit to the Delaware State's law court.

In case you are demanding any artists from Atlantic Records your are also in agreement with their Terms of Use from the link below: